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Empowering Women begins with Empowering Girls

I came across this article from 2016 about a graphic designer who was appalled by the cover of Girl's Life Magazine, and who photoshopped the cover in order to inspire young girls to strive for more than "waking up pretty".

You can read the article here.

As women in 2020, we have seen a lot of positive change. We have a lot further to go, but the fact that we have our first Black/Asian Female Vice President, and that we are seeing more women, women of color, in political power now than ever before is proof that we are making progress.

In 2019, the proportion of women in senior management roles globally grew to 29%, the highest number ever recorded, and we need to work towards a 50% mark.. After all, women still make up almost half of administrative/support staff roles (Catalyst: Women in Management).

While it is remarkable that so many women are stepping up to support one another, it is our greater responsibility to encourage today's future women leaders and teach them that they can be scientists, CEOs, engineers, influencers, leaders. We need to get to a point, globally, where leaders are chosen based upon their experience and abilities and not their gender.

Let's teach our girls to stand up for themselves, that there is no such thing as running/throwing/playing "like a girl", that they can be whatever they want to be; that there is no logical reason for gender-divide. Let's give them the tools now to be courageous and confident in their own minds and bodies. Let's teach them not to buy into gender stereotypes. Period.

Empowered Girls Become Empowered Women.

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