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Are You Ready?

If you are on this page,  most likely you are considering Coaching as a way to help you with your career transition, and move you towards to where you want to be.

What you can expect:

  • Obtain a crystal clear vision for the job you want & deserve

  • Discover what you value in your perfect job

  • Understand that which is holding you back and sabotaging you from finding your dream job

  • Rediscover the inherent VALUE that sets you apart from the rest

Leave the session renewed, re-energized and inspired to make a change to do make a living doing what you REALLY want to do!


To confirm your readiness to be coached, download the Coachability Assessment prior to our consult.  We can go over what your answers say about your readiness to be coached! 


What opportunities are on the other side of your change?


1:1 Career Coaching Session

Navigating Career Transitions

Dissatisfied in your current job? 

Looking for a greater challenge?

Feeling "stuck"?


Change can be a scary and uncomfortable place to be for many people.  Fear of change can hold you hostage, rendering you immobile.  

Change also opens doors to unlimited opportunities, which is very exciting!!


Let's work together to build that bridge from where you are today - complacent, dissatisfied,  disrespected, undervalued, invalidated, overworked - to a Professional Powerhouse where your skills and knowledge are put to work to showcase your value and unlimited potential!

As scary as it may seem, this crossroad in your professional life is simply a better opportunity just waiting for you to take it. 

By leveraging 30+ years of  career experience, let me work with you to create an individualized and practical plan to navigate career transitions, whether they be voluntary or involuntary. 


After several sessions, you will have the tools, the confidence and the commitment to make the best career decisions for you! 


Contact me to schedule a session!


Group Coaching Programs

Group Coaching Programs consist of Workshops, Webinars and Group Sessions.  These are designed for those who are interested in honing a particular skill or who want the benefits of coaching but are looking to share experiences with others.

Topics will include:

How to Gain Confidence
Discovering What You Want & How to Get It
Understanding Your Value
Overcoming FEAR
Understanding Imposter Syndrome
Leveraging Your Connections

If you have already have a group that wants coaching, Contact Me!

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Mexico Coaching Retreat

Focused Guidance & Cultural Experiences

You are ready.  You are ready to commit to making an impactful change in your life, but the distractions at home are getting in the way of your focus.  Why not incorporate a little "me time" while working on navigating your transition?


Book a one- or two-week retreat in one of two places in Mexico.  Choose from a lovely studio in magical San Miguel de Allende, GTO; or at Casa Alegría in Manzanillo, Colima. Allow yourself to enjoy the cultural offerings of SMA while working towards the ultimate in achievement and fulfillment.

Email me to explore your personal development retreat!



Empowerment Coaching

It's never too late for Reinvention

Self-awareness, Confidence, Motivation, Recognizing Your Value, Leveraging Your Personal & Professional Experiences, Boundaries, Acknowledging Your Choices, Gratitude.  These are all things you need to be successful and to live Your Best Life.  Isn't it time you put yourself first?

Old-Fashioned Clock

Procrastination Crusher in 3-2-1

When All You Need Is A Nudge

The Procrastination Crusher sessions are designed to help motivate my clients to achieve short-term goals.  These goals are not "life-altering" nor long-term desires, but those which would lessen the stress or burden of your daily life if you got them off your plate.  Most often, the lack of motivation is simply procrastination.


No more than 3 sessions will be required; sometimes just one will do the trick!


Let me be your accountability & motivational partner to uncover the true importance of achieving your short-term goals and to help you knock them off your list!

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