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FEAR and the WHAT-IF Monster

The most common acronym for FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real.

We tend to be afraid of the WHAT-IF monster under our bed that isn't even there, yet it paralyzes us. We conjure stories in our minds that we are going to fail: fail at something, fail some one, fail ourselves.

That potential failure stops us from trying because something horrible is going to happen, whether that is shame, embarrassment, proof of inadequacy or exposure that you really area fraud (Imposter Syndrome). None of which is true.

No matter what our role or position, we all suffer from the WHAT-IF monster at some point in our lives and he will creep up again and again. It's inevitable. I mean, WHAT IF s/he is right?! But, WHAT IF s/he isn't?

You are NOT ALONE.

Wouldn't it be nice to know how to keep the monster at bay?

Imagine a successful executive who is where he is because he gives everything his all. He is a natural-born leader; he is respected by his leadership team, his peers, direct reports and clients. He's highly competent. He's kind and compassionate, introspective and has a very high EQ. He is a loving husband and incredible father.

This man has an opportunity right in front of him to climb the corporate ladder into a position he describes as "stimulating", "exhilarating", "powerful" and "satisfying". Seriously who doesn't want to feel those things when they go to work every day??

You're not going to believe this when I tell you that he has a WHAT-IF Monster under the bed.

😳 What if I fail?

😳 What if I can't ramp up soon enough?

😳 What if there's a change to the support team?

😳 What if I let my family down??

Let's change the acronym of FEAR mentioned above to the following:





This man has NEVER failed professionally. His average ramp-up time has been 4.5 months. He has always been able to perform even if there is a change in support staff, and HE HAS NEVER FAILED HIS FAMILY.

Once he was able to consciously address his fears and assess their validity, he was able to have a discussion about his future with confidence, passion and excitement.

If you have a WHAT-IF monster residing in your home, let me help you face all the false evidence that appears real to you so that you can have the courage and confidence to take that next step towards what you want!

Contact me for a FREE Chemistry Call or schedule a session here.

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