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What Are You Waiting For?

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

Are you bored with your job?

Do you feel unchallenged?

Are you waiting a new opportunity to present itself?

At some point in our lives, we find ourselves in a job or role that isn’t satisfying but we stay because it’s easier than change, or we feel that we don’t have control over our future.

Maybe you don’t make the change because you feel you are not worthy...

Or maybe what you are doing, the salary you are making is “good enough”.

But is it what you really want?

Changing jobs puts us in a vulnerable position; negative thoughts and limiting beliefs pop into our heads to protect us from getting hurt or humiliated. This happens in every aspect of our lives where change occurs.

We ALL have limiting beliefs, no matter what our role or position.

Yet we all have stories from our past that highlight how we’ve overcome these obstacles and limiting beliefs.

How would you feel having the confidence to remind yourself that you already have the strength to make any change you want?

Recently, I’ve been sharing a method which brings out these stories and truly highlights the strengths we have within us.

I call them SOAR Stories.

I had a great job with a lot of responsibility, traveling the world on the company dime, contributing to the success of international growth... and yet something was not working for me. I wasn’t happy.

So I quit with no immediate plan.

I moved to the Caribbean to just chill and take the pressure off and figure out what I wanted and didn’t care what others thought of my decision. And, believe me...people had opinions.

Almost 3 years later, when I was ready to re-enter the corporate world, I was met with challenges…

Why would a 28-year old with a great corporate job quit to move to the Caribbean for 3 years?!

I began to doubt my decision.

I began to doubt my capabilities.

I bought into what others were saying.

My confidence to find a role that met my needs and wants waned.

I was spiraling towards a dark place when I discovered this simple technique that completely turned my life around.

This simple, 5-minute technique made me truly see and understand my worth, what I wanted and didn't want.

This rediscovered confidence enabled me to forge ahead and get the job and the salaries I not only wanted but DESERVED

It is easy to see the value that others have, but we rarely take the time to think about our own accomplishments or the value we bring to the table, so…

💥 Acknowledge your wins.

💥 If you don’t see the value in yourself, others won’t either.

💥 Believe in your worth and take control of your future.



Take the time to evaluate your environment and dig deep into how you got there and why you stay.

💥 Surround yourself with positive, inspirational, supportive people.

💥 Fill your mind with positive and motivational thoughts and ideas.

💥 Act with intention

Doing this on your own can take time and great difficulty - especially if you’re not used to it!

So to help you out, every month, for only 90-minutes, I host a free workshop for 20 people where we all take a deep dive into our past experiences to rediscover our strengths and to gain the confidence & courage to make that change.

You’ll come away with a technique that you can repeat over and over again that is proven to uncover your true worth.

Who knows what you can achieve once you start seeing it.

All you have to do is turn up and experience the shift within you.

No woo woo stuff, just a way to unveil your inner rock-star.

If you are not happy, make a change. Do what’s right for YOU!

Don’t wait for change to happen. MAKE it happen.

If you need help acknowledging your achievements or learning how to find your value, join one of my SOAR Story workshops!

Learn more here or register for an upcoming workshop.

The greatest opportunities are on the other side of change. What opportunity is there for you?

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