Start Decluttering Your Life in 3 Steps

Decluttering your life is not just about organizing the tangible things but your mind and your heart as well.

There are material things that we hold on to because of endearing memories or sentimental value. If there was a fire in your house, what would you absolutely want to grab on your way out? To lose things that carry sentimental or emotional value would be tragic and you would undoubtedly feel heartbroken. But the memories of these things will stay with you forever.

Then, there are negative thoughts, memories, and emotions that you may be holding on to as well. Perhaps you had a disagreement with someone years ago and you are still holding on to that anger or disappointment. Perhaps you resent that boss who fired you or passed you up for a promotion. Holding on to resentment is going to hold you back.

Remember: You cannot go back in time and change the past, but you have absolute control over your future.

Whether it is a destructive fire in your home or a destructive fire in your soul, think about the positives of your experiences and take this opportunity to start fresh and build the life you want and deserve.