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I Dreamt of Cockroaches

Now that I have your attention...

The other night I dreamt of cockroaches.

Most humans associate cockroaches with dirty, smelly and nasty places. I certainly don't like seeing them anywhere.

However, in my dream, there were clusters of them hiding under rugs and

behind objects in my house. But I wasn't scared. I wasn't scared in my dream, nor was I scared when I awoke in the

morning. I just remembered "cockroaches".

Strange dreams fascinate me, so I turned to Google, and according to

The cockroach is surprisingly spiritual. In dreams, cockroaches symbolize renewal and the self-cleansing of your emotional and spiritual sides. It is connected to rebirth and to dream about one can mean that you are going to make a new start in life. Not only that, it can indicate that you are going to live for a long time.

If you dream about a cockroach try to not be afraid. After all, it is only a dream or perhaps even a nightmare. Cockroaches are a symbol of resilience because it is very difficult to kill them. The dream is therefore telling you that you are going to make it through difficult times. Perhaps you are out of work or lonely because you don’t have a partner. The dream is telling you to hang in there as things are going to change for the better.

Not surprisingly, this dream occurred as many personal challenges were coming to a close and as I was making decisions about my future.

❤️Self-cleansing of emotions, of beliefs, of mental and physical health are vital to growth.

✅This IS a new chapter in my life - always be open to reinvention.

💪Yes, I AM resilient

💪I will make it through this difficult time

✅Better things are on the horizon

And how do I know this?

I know because this is NOT my first rodeo.

I have gone through many challenges in life - both personal and professional. And, even if it sometimes feels better to sit on the sofa in self-pity, at some point self-reflection comes into play as a gentle reminder that the greatest opportunities are on the other side of this change. Oftentimes the reminder is not so gentle.

We all need to be aware of this self-reflection. It usually is screaming at us. Listen to it.

It will never fail you. Self-pit/self-doubt may be more persistent because it has resided in our brains for so long; but those words of encouragement and self-worth are stronger and louder. We just need to be listening.

If you are going through a challenging time and are having a difficult time getting motivated, or find yourself keeping company with self-doubt, I encourage you to do the following:

✅Reflect on all the amazing things you have done with your life;

✅Remember all the past challenges you have overcome to get to where you are;

✅Be grateful for everything you have

✅Be grateful for everyone you have in your life

✅Embrace the life lessons you have learned; without them, we would not become more resilient

✅Believe in yourself (because others already do!)

These are the things I am going to continue to focus on. It's my promise to myself and to those around me, near and far.

Oh, and if you dream of cockroaches, just know everything is going to be all right.

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