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How to SOAR Through a Career Transition: Finding Your Confidence and Knowing Your Value

When a company is not pleased with an employee's performance or results, they let you go.

When you are dissatisfied with your career, why is it so hard to leave?

What are you afraid of?

Is it the golden handcuffs? The stability? Security? Benefits? Or is it just too scary to put yourself out there, fearful that you won't be accepted, don't have all of the qualifications, or that you will fail?

Based on the professional and life experiences you have had up to this point in your life, do you really believe that you won't find something that you enjoy more for the same or greater amount of money? Salary, benefits, PTO are all things that you can negotiate. Your confidence and belief in what you have to offer are not.

We all know that it is easier to find a job when we have a job. Don't wait until your company decides to release you to begin looking. Always be in search of doing something that brings you satisfaction. Find the career that brings you excitement and purpose.

While it is so easy to see the success of others and to have a clear view of their skills, qualifications and confidence that enables them to continue to grow professionally, why is it so difficult for us to recognize the skills and qualifications within ourselves?

There is one activity you can do regularly to get clarity around who you are and what makes you a #badass. SOAR Stories.

  1. Write out (or record) a few personal or professional stories of Situations you have experienced where you had to overcome an Obstacle or fear.

  2. Discuss the Action you took to get through or around that obstacle or fear.

  3. What was the end Result or outcome?

  4. Read the story back to yourself, as if you are talking about somebody else. Then, jot down all the adjectives and characteristics that this "person" needed to get to the final outcome.

By doing this exercise regularly, the qualities and characteristics that make you a valuable employee will become clear and you will release that buried confidence and allow it to shine!

If you are unhappy with what you are doing in your life, change it! If you are hesitant to make a change for fear of what's on the other side, take stock of your skills and your accomplishments; understand what you have to offer and put yourself out there!

Watch for my SOAR Story Blog Series. In the meantime, if you want someone to help you find your SOAR Stories, contact me for a complimentary call!

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