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Benefits of Positive Affirmations

This image is from a post on Bored Panda about a mother who writes positive affirmations on her son's pencils. You can view the entire post here. Of course, my initial thought was, "how lucky this kid is to have such a caring mom!".

Before I go any further, kudos to this mom and other parents who are sending such positive messages to their children, to those who will be our future.

Confidence is the key to success. As wonderful as it is that this parent is instilling confidence in her son at such an early age, one cannot help but wonder how OUR lives would be if we consciously and consistently practiced positive affirmations on ourselves.

Positive affirmations are so important in building your confidence and finding success. If you believe it, you will become it.

How often do you tell yourself what a rock-star you are? Unsurprisingly, not many people do this. We are too consumed with *life* to think about all that we have done. We focus on the rock-star-ability of those around us. We dismiss what we do at work or for others as "normal", or "just part of the job". We don't pat ourselves on the back often enough.

Seriously, how often do you really think about all that you have accomplished in your life, regardless of how big or small you consider those achievements?

If you have someone in your life filling your mind with positivity and encouragement, be grateful and believe them because they believe in you. If you don't, be the one in your mind and remind yourself that you have the ability to achieve whatever you desire.

There's proof that positive affirmations boost confidence. And with confidence, you will gain the courage to make whatever changes necessary to have the life you want. Having confidence will open new doors to new opportunities.

To boost your confidence, let's begin with the following:

  • Take stock in your experiences, both personal and professional

  • Understand your value

  • Don't be afraid to claim it

  • Search for positive affirmations and listen to them.

  • Surround yourself with positive people

  • Emulate those you admire

  • Call your mom (assuming she thinks there is nothing you can't do!)

If you have difficulties with any one of these bullets, contact me and we'll work together to get you there!

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