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An Introduction to SOAR

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

We are so good at praising others that sometimes we minimize our own value, skills and contributions. Specifically in our professional lives, we lay in a state of complacency wrought with fear of the unknown and lacking confidence to make a change.

Through a career coach of my own, an invaluable exercise was gifted to me; this exercise helps build confidence and I use it frequently with my clients. The exercise is to learn to SOAR via personal and professional stories.

We have all enjoyed successes in our lives, big and small, personal and professional. Many women who have dedicated their best years to raising children may feel that they don't have the skills to use in business; "who wants to hire a housewife?". Veterans sometimes feel that their time in the service aren't transferable to the business world. However, the skills and experiences we gain during the course of our lifetime can be leveraged to achieve any of your professional goals.

SOAR Stories are stories of your big and small accomplishments made up of:


Obstacles overcome

Actions put in place, and the

Results achieved.

What are your SOAR stories? What do these stories say about you? What critical skills do you have that can be put to use in the business world?

If you are overcome with fear and anxiety or don't have the confidence to make a change to better your personal or professional life, contact me and I'll help you see what a rock-star you really are! Let me help you SOAR into the new you!

Sign up to read my personal SOAR Stories. I encourage you to share some of yours as well! Every story - YOUR story - is an inspiration in itself, and what better way to end the day than to help inspire others to find the confidence within?

Let's SOAR together!!

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